Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Negative 10

Admission day went as well as could be expected. Ezra had surgery to insert his central line and he did great. He is happy knowing that he no longer needs to get boo-boos or wear arm boards. He even helped the nurse draw his first bloodwork from the line. Kind of odd, but he liked it. We are starting to settle into the room. Ezra spent the day playing with every piece of medical equipment he could get his hands on and he calls himself "Dr. Ezra." The doctors and nurses are really amused by this - us, not so much. The first day of admission is considered day negative 10 and you count up until transplant day, which is day zero, and then you continue to count up the days. His first dose of chemotherapy to take down his immune system and make room for his new cells will be administered tomorrow at 6:00 AM. Many of you have been kind enough to ask for a mailing address. It is: The Ronald McDonald House of New York C/o Ezra Fineman Room No. 707 405 East 73rd St New York, New York 10021 Thanks for all the messages of support - they mean so much to us!