Sunday, September 14, 2014

Come On Antibodies!

Ezra received the vaccine at clinic on Friday. They took baseline levels beforehand so that the doctors will be able to tell if he responds to the vaccine. We are waiting either two or three weeks before checking for antibodies. The doctors will also be running another test to check if his T cells respond to the vaccine, which will give us more information. They have told us that if he does not respond, it means that his immune system is just not ready. And if he does respond, then celebrations all around. So now we wait and think positive antibody thoughts. 

We received the results of the latest T cell check. The amount of T cells was almost exactly the same as last month. An indicator of new T cell growth that has been zero for many months actually registered on the test this month at a very small amount, which gives us a sliver of hope that maybe next month will result in some T cell growth. Maybe. 

Ezra's IgG level went up a little this week. It's too soon to know if he will be able to maintain his IgG levels without treatment, but he certainly is not tanking, which is great. 

And because we can never go long without an issue cropping up (life would be so dull), Ezra's toe infection decided to return this weekend. We are trying topical antibiotics and soaks for a day or so to see if we can avoid another round of oral antibiotics. Toes crossed that the least invasive route works!

Ezra was upset over the shot, but he really used all the coping skills he has learned over the years to deal with his fears. It was amazing to see. Ezra's special child life friend Jessica brought in her two-headed monster to help Ezra get through the day. It was Ezra's idea to practice giving the two-headed monster a shot. Thankfully, Ezra behaved better than his patient. 

We have heavy hearts this weekend after learning that another Hyper IgM family lost their brave teenage son who was about six months post-transplant. This family already suffered the loss of another son to Hyper IgM. Our prayers are with them. He will be remembered during the Miss America pagent tonight, so tune in and send his family love. As long and as difficult this journey with Ezra has been, we feel very blessed that he has come so far and that he is still fighting hard.