Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Days +18 to +20: A Little More Good News

Word came today that the repeat study looking at the T cells to see if they are Ezra's or the donor's T cells came back showing that the percentage of donor T cells has doubled to 10%. The doctors don't know if it is Ezra's T cells dying off or the donor cells growing. We obviously hope that it is the donor cells increasing, but either way, this is good news. No neutrophils (the cells that typically come back first) have appeared. The neutrophils are what determines engraftment, so we really need them to start growing. Although the average time for engraftment for cord blood is 21 days, his doctor today reminded us that the range is large and it can take much longer to see engraftment. Point being, we need to be patient.

Our job in the meantime is to continue to keep him infection free and happy. His tummy has been bothering him a bit, but that seems to be from the medications and not an infection. Otherwise, his spirits are amazing. He has so much enthusiasm for everything he does here whether space shuttles, volcanoes or arts and crafts. He was even belly laughing in his sleep last night. The downside of him being so active is that we have to constantly keep him entertained - movies don't cut it for this kid. We are making good use of all the wonderful gifts that have arrived so that we have new projects and toys to keep his interest. Here are some pictures of the Superboy hard at play practicing his karate blocks, in downward dog yoga position and playing some hockey-golf.

Grow cells grow!