Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Days +136 to +138: Update

Thank you to all for your concern about Ezra. We really appreciate all the messages of support - they keep us going. After spending yesterday at the hospital with Ezra getting a full workup, it ends up that he has parainfluenza virus. This is a common virus that causes respiratory illness and cold-like symptoms in people with normal immune systems. In immune deficient patients, it can cause pneumonia, a very bad thing. Ezra's chest x-ray yesterday was thankfully clear and it better stay that way. 

His cough is worse, but not terrible. Ezra actually had parainfluenza virus after his first transplant and managed to recover well from it. Our only choice is to hope and believe that the same will happen this time. There is nothing that can be given to help him fight off the virus. We just have to remain vigilant for any signs of worsening symptoms.

We suspect that he picked up the virus from the hospital because he has not been anywhere else. No matter how many precautions we take, it seems these viruses still find their way to him. The hospital is the worst place for him and yet we have no choice but to bring him there twice a week until his cells are stronger.

Ezra's liver numbers have unfortunately increased. An ultrasound is scheduled for Friday. The doctor thinks that the elevated levels may be from the virus, but we will see what happens on Friday and go from there. We are praying there is nothing more sinister lurking inside.

On a positive note, Ezra never ceases to amaze us. He did so well with all the poking and prodding and manages to find the fun in everything. Whether it's an impromptu puppet show behind the lead vest in the x-ray room or making a game of jumping from square to square in the hallway, Ezra always makes the best out of crappy situations. He also lectured us last night about the Big Bang Theory, atoms and why Uranus rotates differently from other planets. It seems the more isolated he is, the more he wants to know about the universe beyond. 

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. Ezra continues to need them and we will continue to keep you updated.