Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day +113: Match Number 50

Today we are proud to announce our 50th bone marrow match for another patient in need! A donor sponsored by the Help4Ezra donor circle (, has matched a 29 year old woman suffering from Hodgkins Lymphoma. Through Ezra's Gift of Life donor circle we have found 50 potentially life-saving matches for other patients. That's 50 patients and their families given hope, 50 potential chances for a cure, 50 miracles. When we first decided to start the campaign to find Ezra a bone marrow donor almost exactly 2 years ago (this picture was taken when Ezra was 16 months old and was used on our first drive flyers), we knew that we were and still are looking for a needle in a haystack. But we always said that if we had to go through these challenges with Ezra, then maybe we can make some good out of it and help other patients. We never imagined helping 50 children and adults and still going strong. It is a privilege, an honor and a blessing to be able to help so many people.

Through bone marrow drives throughout the country and the world and an online campaign, thousands of people have registered as bone marrow donors, hoping to be Ezra's match. And equally as important have been the fundraising efforts to move donors off Gift of Life's waitlist and onto the registry. We could not have done it without everyone rallying behind Ezra and understanding how important it is to swab your cheeks and join the registry. Together, we have registered over 4,300 donors! That is an incredible accomplishment and one that brings us much joy.

While we are praying and hoping that a miracle is happening inside Ezra, until we know that he is cured, we will continue to look for his needle in a haystack - his miracle match. So, if you haven't already swabbed your cheek, or told a friend to register, or made a donation to sponsor the processing of a donor test kit, please consider doing so right now at There are more miracles waiting to happen.