Monday, March 11, 2013

Recap of Ezra's 4th Birthday!

We had the pleasure of celebrating Ezra's 4th Birthday this weekend. We are having a hard time believing he is 4 years old (Ezra seems to be having trouble believing it too - before going to bed on the night of his birthday he asked if he would still be 4 the next day). He really seems to have grown and matured this year. After all he has been through and continues to go through, he often seems older than his four years. For his birthday, we'll allow ourselves the indulgence of a little gushing over our little man.

One thing is certain: these have been the best four years of our lives because we have been blessed with a loving, laughing, caring, sweet and creative soul who covers us with kisses everyday. We are so proud of our little fighter. What 3 year old never asks to leave the confines of his small hospital room? Never once asks to go home? Accepts that he has a battle to win, a mission to accomplish - one that he barely understands? We dread the day when we have to explain that the process has failed him; the cure has failed to happen; we've failed him; and that all his brave fighting has been for nothing.

Day after day we continue to be amazed at the way he finds joy in every difficult situation. Whether it be belly laughing at the guy that accidentally crashed his cart into another cart in the hospital hall or concocting a marble run out of oxygen tubing in a tiny clinic room, Ezra always finds something that makes him jump up and down with excitement and passion. Before we started the transplant process we feared that being in pain and in isolation for endless months would break his spirit. Ezra has proved us very wrong. Our hearts burst with pride over how Ezra lives and loves life.

Back to the birthday details. Friday was his actual birthday and we celebrated by playing in the snow from the surprise storm. Then on Sunday we we had a very small adults-only birthday party. We had a presentation from Mad Science, which Ezra loved. The best part was the four model rockets Ezra got to launch in our backyard. He watches model rocket launches on YouTube all the time, so this was a dream come true for him. Apologies to the neighborhood for the wayward rockets...

The other highlight of the party was the unbelievable-out-of-this-world-most-incredible cake we've ever seen! Ezra's space shuttle Endeavour cake was provided by the charity Icing Smiles, which arranges for dream cakes for sick children. The cake was created and baked voluntarily by Krystina of Cake & Co., located in Teaneck, NJ. She is clearly beyond talented. This cake was a true labor of love, and we can't thank Krystina enough. Ezra was so thrilled. If you are ever looking for a special cake or other sweet treat, Cake & Co is your place!

Last year when we watched Ezra blow out the candles on his cake, our eyes were filled with tears because we knew we were headed for transplant and we feared what laid ahead. This year, we felt only happiness as he blew out four candles with all his might. Not because things are better. In fact, the situation is worse. But because we've learned not to look ahead too much and to be present in these moments of joy. And most of all, we've learned that all that truly matters is that our baby boy is happy.