Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days +28 to +30: Stalled

There has been no growth in Ezra's neutrophils since the small increase on Tuesday. The level hasn't decreased, but it hasn't gone up either. The doctors are still acting optimistic and saying that sometimes the growth is slow. Despite their assurances, we are nervous. We would certainly feel better about giving it time if we were seeing some growth, but it's hard to be patient when the stakes are so high. We are pushing towards the outer range of days for expected engraftment and it's a place we would prefer not to be.

Ezra continues to have more and more stomach distress and rashes that come and go. They think the symptoms are drug related, but the medications aren't optional, so we just have to deal. The days are really starting to drag for all of us.

Today was Mommy and Daddy's 10th anniversary. We were hoping for a gift of some neutrophils. Maybe tomorrow. So we had some cupcakes from Bubbe and Zadie and decided to celebrate next year.