Friday, February 28, 2014

Days +186 to +190: Things Fall Apart

Ezra was admitted to the hospital yesterday. His platelets dropped severely. His neutrophils and red blood cells also went down. He has developed antibodies against his own platelets. It is likely that he also has an antibody against red blood cells and possibly against his neutrophils. These tests are pending. This can happen after transplant. Sometimes it is caused by a virus and sometimes it is the new immune system settling in and going haywire. He has been put on high dose steroids and has received two platelets transfusions. He destroyed the platelets that were transfused. They did a bone marrow aspirate and biopsy today. The marrow thankfully looks healthy. The destruction is happening in the blood. There are many tests still pending and not many answers right now. 

In addition to the high dose steroids, Ezra is receiving high dose IVIG. The hope is that the combination of the steroids and high dose IVIG will stop the destruction and "reset" his body. It is unclear how long all this will take and how long Ezra will remain inpatient. 

Ezra was taking this all in stride, but was distraught over the procedure. He is now in pain and is receiving pain medication. He of course wants to go home.  

Everything is very unclear at this time. We will update again when we know more. Please pray for Ezra and for this nightmare to resolve quickly. Ezra Aviel Ben Hertzelia Shandel.