Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day +78: Sick time, Swing time

Ezra has had a cough for the past week or so. Ends up that he has parainfluenza virus - basically a bad cold virus. There's not much to do about it, except watch him closely to make sure it doesn't get worse. So far, he's holding steady and we hope it stays that way. Mommy also presumably has the same thing, so it's sniffles all around in the Fineman house.

Ezra's donor chimerism will not be tested again for a couple of weeks. The doctors want to give it more time. We will keep everyone posted.

On a fun note, Ezra now has his very own swingset. One of Ezra's favorite activities pre-transplant was going to the park. In the rain, in the snow, and sometimes twice a day Ezra went to the park. For now, public playgrounds are off limits. We were/are afraid that he will be heartbroken over not being able to go to his beloved park. So, in an effort to distract him from what he is missing, we bought him a swingset for our backyard. The swingset came while we were still in the hospital - the issue was finding the time to construct it with our crazy lives. Our wonderful friends Lisa and Brian solved that problem for us. They arranged for Bonim Builders (basically a Jewish Habitat for Humanity) to send an incredible team of volunteers over to build Ezra's swingset. With those volunteers, our super handy friend Joe (Ezra is still saying "Joe is in charge"), and Daddy's persistence through a thunderstorm, Ezra has his dream swingset. He is thrilled. He has also caught on to our intention of providing a substitute park. He promptly declared his swingset "Ezra's Park" and wants a sign for his park. Once again, we couldn't have done it without everyone's support. We continue to be truly touched by all the different ways that people have reached out to help us through this scary roller coaster time of our lives.