Monday, September 10, 2012

Day +117: Still In The Game

Although Ezra is not yet off his immunosuppressant medications, his doctor decided to re-test his donor chimerism.  The good news is that the percentage of donor cells went from 3% to 5%.  Not enough to feel any real sense of relief, but we are hoping and praying that this small increase is a sign that the donor cells are still capable of growing. At the very least, the donor cells are still present and where there are cells, there is still hope.  And a little hope goes a very long way.  If these donor cells want to take their time growing, we'll have all the patience in the world, as long as they keep growing.  Thank you all for your prayers - here's proof that they are working.  Please keep it up - Ezra needs you!

Ezra also got his game back - his basketball game, that is.  He likes to shoot hoops with a "real" basketball hoop with Daddy's assistance. Our Little Tikes hoop just won't do.  Since the park is off limits, our friends Randi and Arnie have graciously granted Ezra an open invitation to play b-ball with the hoop in their driveway.  Game on!