Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day +15: Prom

Yes, prom. Sloan-Kettering held its annual pediatrics prom today. They bring in dresses and tuxes donated by stores and designers for the patients and hold a dance with food in an auditorium. Patients in isolation, like Ezra, can't attend, so they bring the party to the rooms. Ezra's friend Jessica from the Child Life Department decided that Mommy needed a gown (or two...shhh, don't tell anyone) and brought an arm load of dresses to choose from. Ezra picked out this purple gown (purple is his favorite color, so it was an obvious choice) and Mommy and Daddy put on tiaras and crowns to get festive. There were some wild dance parties and glow sticks and we had a wacky version of prom in Room 922. Only hope that Ezra doesn't remember this prom so that in 15 years he won't show up at the hospital looking for the party.

In medical news, Ezra continues to do well. He did come down with a fever Tuesday night, but it faded quickly and so far all infection tests are negative. The mucositis is doing better. Despite this, he has not been willing to eat the past few days. We suspect that he is filling up from the TPN, although he may also feel funny inside, but not be able to express it.

T cells are still around and remain at the same level. They are repeating the tests from last week to see if they give us any additional information and are waiting for results. We are still hoping they disappear and are getting more concerned as we approach the time period when the new cells are supposed to start growing.

Ezra is still very active and plays most of the day on his mat. He's been on a Puff the Magic Dragon binge (his all time favorite song) after getting a beautiful pop up version of the book from Vicki and Andy. The song stays on repeat for hours. Whatever makes him happy :)