Sunday, September 1, 2013

Days +6 to +9: No Relief Yet

Ezra continues to be in tremendous pain. We can now add excruciating leg and arm pain to the list of complaints. The doctors suspect that the pain may be bone pain from the drug he started on Friday that stimulates the bone marrow to release neutrophils into the blood, and may be a sign that cells are growing. If that's the case, we'll take it, despite how awful it is to watch him suffer. Gotta get worse before you get better seems to be the theme. We are anxiously awaiting a change in his counts. 

Ezra spent most of the weekend sleeping. It is much better that way. Let him sleep until better days are here. He has had a few lucid moments where the little chatterbox has re-appeared, like in the middle of the night when he decided he had 20 questions about Daddy's bicycles ("Daddy, how often do you ride your bike?" "Ok, that's good. How often do you ride your road bike?" How often do you ride your mountain bike?" Which bike do you buy tires for?" And so on.).

We hope that everyone is enjoying Labor Day weekend. Food services dropped off the Labor Day breakfast specials - what, no BBQ? We will save our celebrating for when we see signs of new life. Grow cells, grow.