Thursday, May 10, 2012

Days Negative 8 and 7: Off to a Rough Start

The past two days have been difficult. Ezra is still in a lot of pain from his line. They keep increasing the pain meds, but it hasn't done much to help. The line they put into Ezra is a new type that they don't have much experience with, so we are starting to get nervous that there's a problem with the line because the pain should have subsided by now. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Then last night Ezra's blood pressure was measuring low. The resident and fellow decided to increase his fluids by a lot to bring it up, which resulted in massive amounts of pee everywhere during the night in between hourly blood pressure checks. No one got any sleep. Then in the morning his fabulous daytime nurse came on shift, found out about last night's issues, asked which cuff was being used, said that was the wrong one and, voila, normal blood pressure. To top it off, when his doctors heard about the blood pressure issues, they said the resident was wrong and the measurements from last night were not too low for someone his size. Guess we have some learning to do about how teaching hospitals work.

Vomiting from the chemo also set in today and Ezra is getting very tired from everything going on in his little body. So far, the vomiting has responded to meds and he had a decent appetite today considering the circumstances.

The presents have started to roll in and we couldn't be more grateful! Ezra even got a new guitar from our special friend Gail and family! Brightened the day for all of us!

Here are some pics from PT and OT and music therapy.