Sunday, August 28, 2016

Third Transplant Anniversary!

Last week we celebrated Ezra's third anniversary of his second transplant! What a year it has been! School, camp, friends, travels and adventures - every day a miracle thanks to his miracle donor. The memories and emotions of transplant day are still strong: watching with tears flowing down our faces as Ezra's doctor slowly pushed the syringe of cells into his line, knowing that his life and our lives depended on those cells. Endless gratitude that those cells did their job and we now have a healthy, strong boy who is loving life. Ezra had the best summer loving every minute of camp. He came home each day happy as can be and full of stories about all the new activities he tried and lessons he learned. We head to Sloan tomorrow for the first time in over two months - by far the longest time we've been away from Sloan since Ezra was first diagnosed. We're hoping that what we see on the outside will match whatever is going on inside (and that Ezra will handle his first needle stick blood draw in over 4 years without a line 😁). Our hearts are full of joy as we reflect on this past year and look forward to the next one. May it be another year of miraculous moments and good health!

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